What are the best products to help tame frizzy hair?

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Nothing puts a damper on a great hairstyle quicker than a bad case of frizz. Flyaway and frizzy hair are most common with naturally curly hair, causing chaos where sleek curls should be. Thankfully, there are several wonderful products on the market that not only tame frizzy hair but will restore its softness and lustre. Learn which of these miracle workers is best for you.

Dry Hair

Naturally curly and wavy hair is the most prone to frizz due to its natural tendency to lose moisture more quickly. The result is often dry, out-of-control curls. The simplest and most effective, way to combat frizz is to replenish the lost moisture. A deep-conditioning treatment, given once or twice a month, can make a big difference in the feel and texture of your hair.

Choose a high-quality conditioner from a professional hair care line to ensure the best results. Slather on enough of the product to coat all your hair and use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product gently, concentrating on the ends of the hair, which tend to be the driest. Covering your head with a plastic shower cap will hold in the heat from your scalp, helping the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair better. After 30 minutes rinse the conditioner out with lukewarm water.

High Humidity

Frizz that rears its ugly head during those humid, summer months is the result of your hair absorbing moisture from the air, which it will do if it’s dry and feels it needs the moisture boost. Keeping your hair healthy and nourished is the best long-term solution. Visit your stylist for regular trims as dry, brittle ends only exacerbate the fight against frizz. Using a good daily conditioner will also help seal the outer cuticle of your hair, preventing any moisture from the air making its way in and ruining your smooth curls.

For those times when you need an immediate fix, liquid, silicone-based styling products tame frizzy hair in an instant. To kiss that frizz goodbye, place two or three drops of the liquid in your palm. Rub both hands together to distribute the product evenly, then run your hands through your hair, gently working the product in and smoothing away the frizz. If you know you’ll be out in humid weather ahead of time, apply the product to your damp hair before styling and avoid a hair disaster altogether.

Fine Hair

Those blessed with both fine and naturally curly hair know all too well that the battle against frizz can be a difficult one. Lighter-textured hair frizzes more easily and severely, yet many of the products designed to combat frizz are too heavy and cause fine hair to fall flat. Keeping your hair moisturized with a light-weight conditioner will help. Try using the spray-in, leave-in type for all day protection. Using a humidity-proof styling spray will also provide a protective barrier against frizz, but without all the heaviness of the silicone products.

In the end, the best way to combat frizz is to keep it as healthy and moisturized as possible. Combine that with the right styling products and you’ll be well on your way to taming those curls and living a frizz-free life.

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